Thursday, June 12, 2014

Muffins...madness, mayhem and God's smile

The smell of fresh baked strawberry muffins wafts through the house. There is a pile of hot wheels cars on the living room floor as if a tornado when through mini car lot. The doll house has been packed to the gills with doll furniture. The kids are dressed in various dress up outfits.  It sound like madness and mayhem. Some have been "arrested and put in jail", some are going to the prom, and yet another child is strolling a doll down the drive way. It seems it could be a little chaotic and no one knows what is going on. Yet, when you listen and look, you will see there is a method to the madness and mayhem. Giggles erupt and people are getting along.

The sun is shining and there is a high probability sprinkler play will come about this afternoon.  Giggles, grins, madness and mayhem.  It really can be a good thing. Creativity abounds. The need to get along and play the game so everyone plays the right role is of utmost importance. Oh the things we can learn from a little childhood madness and mayhem:

  • Snails are cool to watch as they meander down the sidewalk,
  • Bubbles on a summer day hold rainbows inside.
  • Sidewalk when it is wet makes sharp, vivid designs.
  • Clouds drifting by in the sky can be almost anything, including a pirate ship carrying treasure.
  • Speaking of treasure, what looks like junk is actually priceless.
  • Summer has smells, sounds and color, you just have to open your eyes like a child and see it.
  • Popsicles are the best invention known to man.
  • Flowers can look like a fairy ball room, waiting for little shoes to dance upon the floor.
  • The dew on a spider web is truly magical and looks like God bejeweled the world.
  • Rain is made to dance in.
  • The birds sound like they are laughing sometimes, just listen, they are so happy.
  • Dandelion fluff carries secrets to the far corners of the world.
  • Playing together breeds friendship and grows bonds that will last a lifetime.
  • Learning is done in the middle of play and you didn't realize you had an awesome life lesson.
  • God made summer feel like a smile.
So get out there, have a little mayhem and madness. Blow some bubbles, dance in the rain, wish upon a dandelion and watch while God blesses your socks off. While those socks are off, feel the grass on your feet and the sun on your face and inhale God's smile.


Mama Bear said...

We still have a whole month left :)
Your words always inspire me.

Mama Bear of many <3

Thelma Strobl said...

Awww thank you.