Thursday, May 15, 2014

When the storm rages......

The other day we were headed to church and I was sitting at a stop light. The clouds were dark and you could tell a storm was brewing.  But the beauty of the sun shining through the storm darkened clouds was breath taking.  It got me to thinking about storms in our lives. There are big storms, little storms and sometimes just a rain shower. We can either worry and fret that Jesus is in the "back of the boat" sleeping or we can trust Him to care for us through the storm. Oh I have had my panic in the storm moments and I have had my how do you stay so calm through it all moments. However, there is one fact that remains constant. Regardless of how I handle the Jesus is there.  He never leaves nor forsakes me. He may do it before, after or during my storm, but He shows me the beauty behind the storm.  Storms change things. Sometimes it seems only for the worse, but our Lord sees and knows all. He knows what is going to happen after the storm when the sun breaks through and the rainbow shines out. He knows the promises He has made to hold you in the palm of His hand and never let go.

Sometimes, it feels like you are in the middle of storm tossed sea, drowning and struggling. Rest assured, Jesus is there. He isn't standing by letting you suffer just to let you suffer. He is a gentleman. He will not force people to do or say or be the right things. Sometimes, we suffer through a storm because of other people. Sure, He could have stepped out and stopped and spoken peace be still before the storm even started. But, He doesn't. His ways are not our ways, seems so cliche to some, but it isn't.  He bore all our pain, griefs and sorrows to the cross. That doesn't mean we will never struggle or suffer, it just means our Jesus, He gets it and His sorrow for our pain was proven on the cross of Calvary.  It doesn't make the storm easier, but it makes us not really be alone. We may FEEL alone, but we are not alone.

I trust Him that if He puts me through a storm or a trial, He hasn't done it to hurt me. He promise not to harm me but to give me a future, to prosper me. That doesn't mean life will be easy street. If life were always easy and we never had those stormy moments we could never be grateful for what He did for us. If life were a bed of pretty flowers and no thorns, we would not ever have to rely on Him. People ask why does God let bad things happen? I don't know the complete answer but I know He didn't do it to us.  He is sovereign and He can't make mankind act a certain way. If He did, we would be mere puppets on a string unable to make the choice to love, serve and praise Him. By giving us that choice, our praise, our serving Him, our loving Him becomes an act of love and choice. When we choose to believe regardless of when or what we receive, we show Him that we know He loves us. It isn't easy. I get that.  He gets that. I don't understand everything that goes on, but I do know this...................
The SON will always shine through the dark storm clouds in my life and He will always be my fortress and deliverer.