Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It never ceases to amaze me

The intricacy of God's creation, never ceases to amaze me. I love taking pictures of nature.  The depth of the color in a rose or the lines and veins in a leaf. It utterly amazes me.  I can only imagine how beautiful the Garden of Eden was and how much more beautiful Heaven will be.

I wonder what kind of plants will be there? Will it be the same plants or will there also be plants we have never seen?  What will the fruit taste like?  I think heaven will be so amazing, just the description of it in the Bible blows your mind.  I mean gold so pure it is like glass?  I can't even fathom it.  

The angels and the beings around His throne, all praising Him. HIS beauty will be unlike anything we can even begin to dream about.  

Can you imagine....beholding HIS face and HIS eyes in whole. I have seen His eyes in a dream, but I am almost sure it was not a full measure of what they really look like.  

I used to dream about heaven as a child.  It was incredible.  I have seen people describe similar scenes in their visions of heaven.  My grandmother dreamed about a tree that is in heaven. I wish I had her description of it. Her describing it was incredible  I can still remember but not put it into words.  

So while we wait to get there, I will enjoy the beauty He gave us here..in the trees, the flowers, the laughter of my children and I will rejoice in each day and the beauty of life.