Monday, July 9, 2012

Jenny's birthday letter

Dear Jenny:

Can it really be six years?  So much has happened over the past year.  You took huge steps of independence and went to kindergarten. You took to kindergarten like a duck to water.  You faced it with gusto and did not look back.  The first time you met your teacher you were timid, but that first day of school, you walked through that door looking so tiny and small, but held you teacher's hand and went down the hall. With a smile and a wave, you stepped into big girl land and Mommy had to let go a little. That is what it is about, parenthood.  Letting go, a little at a time. Trusting the Lord Jesus to care for her gifts as they begin to face the world.

Your joy and kindness touched your classmates and the teachers at your school.  You had a spider bite that landed you in the hospital and you faced it with bravery.  You didn't fuss or whine or even get cranky, but you greeted doctors and nurses with sweetness.  The doctors told Mommy, how uncommon you are, what a good little girl you are. I have to agree. You are a good girl.  Sure you make mistakes, we all do. But your repentant, loving heart is helping you grow mighty in the Lord.

You grew spiritually to as you trusted the Lord Jesus with more and more of your heart. I have watched you grow in Jesus and in grace and it amazes me. You my dear daughter are a gift from God.

Thanks for being our family comedian. You have gifts that are yours alone and you have gifts you share with your brother and sister. Each of you sew something special into the tapestry of our lives.  You are precious, special and a blessing.

You are a good sister, and a good daughter.  Thank you my sweet girl, for just being you.  You are truly a piece of Sunshine in our lives and we praise God for you.

Love Mommy