Monday, July 2, 2012

Blessings and heart smiles

Today after we did some devotions we did some praise dance and then prayer.  I prayed for each of the children and then they wanted to pray for me. Their prayers were so sweet. Then we turned on some worship music.  Jenny suddenly fell to her knees then lay prostrate before the Lord.  She led the way.  Then we all prayed and had some quite worship before the Lord.  She lay there seeking God for 20 minutes. I am not sure what she sought God for, she could not put it into words.  The other two put their hands on her little back and prayed quietly and then knelt and prayed themselves.  I did not orchestrate this. I did not ask them to do this. It was spontaneous and it was beautiful. Then I began to pray out loud for our family, loved ones, needs etc. We sought God's face and we felt His presence.

His presence was thick and tangible.  A blanket of love, peace and joy surrounded us. It was not boisterous or loud, but still and quiet and so very peaceful.  My children sought the King of Kings for their own needs, without provocation.  I am in awe of HIM!  My Lord, my God and my King.  He has placed something in the hearts of my children, that is not my doing, nor can I explain it.

I stand in awe of a God who uses children to speak in words of quiet peace.

I prayed for God to overshadow them and fill them as they go to school this year. I prayed that they will be a beacon of light in this word. I prayed that God would teach me, in all my stumbles and mistakes, to go to Him like a child.  To trust in Him for everything.

Nothing............absolutely NOTHING is impossible for God. So we asked God for what to man seems impossible but to my God, nothing is impossible. He is Lord over allergies. He is Lord over sensory issues.  He is Lord over needs, bills, hopes, dreams, callings..........He is Lord over and of ALL.  He can do anything.  Great is He and awesome to be praise.  Great is His faithfulness unto us.  I stand in AWE of a God who can turn something simple into a mighty lesson for hearts, bless your socks off and leave your heart smiling and feeling love beyond the explicable.