Monday, April 23, 2012

Fierce Beauty Book Review

My favorite quote in the book was:
"A true warrior understands that every pain and scar--when placed in the hands of the King--has great purpose. The Lord calls us to grow through our suffering and fight for those without hope".  This spoke to me because I am survivor.  Abuses from the past, having people compare me to my identical twin sister and she she was the "pretty one" (she happened to be prissy), inflicted deep wounds. While I have healed from them, I see through this book, fierce beauty, how those things color    how people view themselves. Instead of through God's eyes, we see ourselves through broken lenses that distort the view of who HE is making us to be.

He trades beauty for ashes, strength for pain. What we survive and endure makes us stronger and more beautiful. What we thought was in ruin, the Lord, makes into something to help others. It is through pain, we learn to deal with hardship and forgive. IF we forgive and let God use us, despite our brokenness, beautiful things can happen.

The world's definition of beauty is pointless. No one, not one person can attain it or even feel that they have attained. It is seeing ourselves through His eyes that we can find His beauty in us.

This was a good book, but hard to read at times. I would recommend it for anyone who needs to see themselves through the light of the King of King's eyes. For He sees beauty even through the pain. His love reaches to the highest mountains and to the deepest valley. We can not get away from His love. However we have to choose to reach out and take hold of all He is offering, the life line in order to really see differently. We can not do it alone. We need HIS help to see ourselves and other the way He does. BEAUTIFUL. We need to trust Him and lean not on ourselves, but let go of our I can do it pride and give it over to Him. Then use what He does in us to serve Him and help others out of love and compassion, not just duty.

 There was way more in this book than I can even address and I want to read it again, because it will speak to you in more than one way. I do think it was hard to read at times, maybe because of the topic or maybe because I was struggling with illness at the time.

I received this book to review from Blogger for books.  This book review is based solely on my view point and not the author or the company by which it was published


Diane said...

This looks like an interesting book. Thanks for your thoughts and the review. Have a super week! :O)