Thursday, February 23, 2012

Concussions, pop stars and Mommy adventures

Life is always busy, especially, now that all 3 children are in school. I know I have had those busy phases of motherhood...infancy, toddler hood, potty training and all of that. However, this is a new kind of busy.  All 3 kids have homework, places to go, people to say, ideas, drama........drama and more drama.  There is truly never a dull moment in my Mommy adventures.

The other day at school, during a practice for a performance, Christopher fell from the stage and hit his head.  I did find out, some other kids were goofing off and he got knocked off. The teacher actually said the words, Your son was behaving himself, he did not cause this".  I was very glad. She went on to tell me that my son, has  great character and that all 3 of my kids shine in attitude, behavior and character. Now, while I know they are great kids, I was so blessed by her words.  I am over come with joy that my children's character shines like the sun.  It goes to show you that all those JBQ study sessions, praying with them, teaching them, disciplining them and working together as a team WORK!  It makes all the hard moments worthwhile. What they are learning is sinking into their hearts and I am so thankful.

(Here he is trying to block the light in the ER because it hurt his is called being photo-phobic..i.e. light sensitive and is one of many possible symptoms of a concussion.)
(And even if you are 11, when you don't feel well, you need your favorite blanket and bear...)

Hannah had an assignment to give an oral report about a famous person. She chose Selena Gomez.  She really worked hard on it. She arranged the poster herself, showing she has a sense of style and an eye for what looks good.  I am proud of her. She dressed as her star and got to wear make up for the day. She was beyond excited. Although, she gave a heavy sigh when I told her not to get used to it.  She wants to grow up too fast.

(Hannah dressed up as Selena Gomez)

Jenny is growing too. She met a friend, who happens to be a boy going into the school yesterday.  They took each other's hand and walked down the hallway together, with her saying, bye Mom...I love you. They grow up and you watch pieces of your heart walk right into the future. You see glimpses of who they will be one day.

What I see, are 3 children, filled with compassion and integrity and I am proud. I am awed by what God is doing in them and through them. How, I as a mother, nurture that...gets scary sometimes.  The responsibility God has placed on me is enormous. However, I know I can lean on HIM and get all I need.

Life keeps me busy....every day is a Mommy adventure of some kind.  Times change, seasons change, people change...and we have to rely on the one who NEVER changes. He is eternally our King and our God, upholding us, guiding us, leading us, loving us.  He is with us in the grand adventure of life..making it all worth while, even if it does not feel that way sometimes. God is my anchor, my rock, my refuge and I run into His arms and find..that this adventure is filled with peace and joy and love.


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