Monday, August 15, 2011

A kindergarten tale

Twas the night before kindergarten and all through the house giggles and wiggles echoed  my joy as I layed down in my bed.

I slept most soundly with visions of pencils and crayons and a nice teacher in my head.

Up before the sun I sprang rather slowly and could not eat
but hurried to get dressed with spiffy shoes on my feet.
Breakfast was done and now it was time to wait
for the clock to read half past eight.
I thought this day would never arrive
and waiting was almot too much to survive.
Finally Mommy said those wonderful words
It is time to go.
On with my backpack and lunch box too
posing for pictures is just something you have to do.

Off in flash, how much I have grown
with grins and "pinky tails" to be shown.
We arrived at the school with time to spare
and had lots of things with my friends to share
Time for more posing for mommy to see
what a big girl God has made me to be

Who is that coming down the hall
it's my teacher coming to line us up straight and tall

Standing in line waiting to see
what my next adventure will be

Bye Mommy I love you so much but I am ready for this day
and I will see you later is what I have to say

And off I go hand in hand
with my teacher to Kindergarten land

I arrived home with smiles galore
and happy with all kindergarten has in store
I have a bright future it is plain to see

but I was so glad to have brother, and sister and mommy to walk home with me.


Burkulater said...

So so sweet! What a big girl!

Thelma said...

thank you..and they grow up too fast.