Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My worn Bible...what it says to me

It is not a badge of boastfulness or a sign of superiority
but it means that Jesus has walked with me.
It is the tear drops that have stained the page
as Jesus helped me fight life's storms that rage.
It is the notes in the margin of the Lord speaking in love
as He taught me something from above.
It is the highlighted and colored words so dear
that taught me not to fear.
It is the message the Lord gave to my heart
as He has formed and fashioned my every part.
It is the trust I find in those pages
through all the ages.
It is the love written by my God and King
that guides me through everything.
A worn Bible is the sign of love and trust
and storing up treasures that will never rust.
My Bible is a a road map to life
and how to handle each and every strife.
My Bible may be worn
in some places it is crumpled and torn
but the words within are filled with all that is sure and true
and a sure sign that God really does love you.
It is the promises read that are planted deep within  my soul
that help me know that through Him, I am whole.
It is a love letter from the one who gave His all
so that to sin I would not eternally fall.
Thank you dear Lord for the words you gave to me
so that I can be all you called me to be.
copyright 2-9-2011


Burkulater said...

My worn Bible is missing all of Revelation and a page of 3 John! It reminds me, though, of every year I've had with it and how my walk has grown. I love this post!

Thelma said...

Thank you...I have tried many times to "replace" my worn Bible but I need it. It is like I have secret messages to me written in the margins. I don't think I will ever part with it. I always come back to it..even when looking in a new Bible I use it for reference. But when I is the Bible I want to use.

NettieYork said...

that is beautiful!! did you write that? when i buy a new Bible (when one finally falls apart) i still keep the old one and look through it. all the dates by verses...God's hand of love and healing and provision!

i have a new blog too that i am keeping apart from this profile, and i think you may like it...

Thelma said...

Thank you. Yes, I wrote that. I will look at your blog. His Word is faithful and true and the messages He gives us through them are never changing.