Friday, February 4, 2011

The brain is on vacation mode...

Or so it seems to be.  Blogging as of late is hard to come by.  My brain has apparently gone on vacation without me.  Most likely somewhere warm.

Signs my brain is on vacation:

  • I tried to put the car keys in the fridge.
  • I keep calling my kids by the wrong names, even called Christopher Mike one day.
  • I also called Mike my sister's name one day.."Hey Theresa...I mean Mike while you are out could you pick up.....uh idea...I will call you if I can think of it.
  • I was trying to call my mother in law and dialed my sister.  Then I tried to call my sister and guessed mother in law.
  • I wore my shirt inside out all day.  When Jenny pointed it out..I told her, it is backwards day...I just forgot to tell you.
  • I can not do 4th grade math.  Although, that might be more the fact they do it so different today than when I was in 4th grade.
  • I put my coffee in the filter and started up my coffee maker, NO WATER.  Coffee makers do not work without water.
  • And the worst of all, one  day I was going to sign a check and almost wrote my maiden name...after 11 years of marriage!  What is up with that?
So you brain is on vacation. Should anyone see it, please send it back. It is a much needed thing in one's head.  Maybe that explains the rattling up there when I walk.  Well, the brain left silently so actually it doesn't so much as rattle as the sound of the wind goes through my ears. 

Okay, so I jest.  But God is faithful even when life is well, life.  When the bills come..then God.  When your kids have been sick off and on for weeks on end....then God.  When you are so tired of cold weather you could scream...then God.  There is nothing God can't handle.  Even sleep deprivation!  God is able to abundantly above that which we ask.  So when your brain takes a vacation, and your get up and go packed its bags and headed South.  Hit your knees.  Because, at least that way, you can handle it better.


Burkulater said...

This is funny! I call it "Mommy brain". I've been known to do a few crazy things myself...getting in the shower with underwear on...pouring OJ over my cereal. Hoping it's temporary! lol!

Thelma said...

I think lately though...this is beyond Mommy brain....LOL. But today is better after a Mocha is the cure all for Mommy brain..LOL