Thursday, April 1, 2010


Last night at church, Hannah and Jenny's class talked about salvation. They make a "present" to represent the gift of salvation. Jenny left class and said "Oh wait I can't forget my salvation. I needs my salvation"...came home and unwrapped her little homemade bookmark with John 3:16 on it and said "I will keeps my ...salvation forever."

Hannah wants to take her present and give it to her teacher. "Mommy I'll give it to Mrs Higgins." Now both those girls have just preached powerful messages. Jenny in that we must hold onto our salvation and take it with us wherever we go and Hannah and that we need to share our salvation with others.

Yep...the gospel presented in simple terms, out of the mouths of babes!


Burkulater said...

very sweet :)

Thelma said...

thanks so much...and when I get longer than a couple of minutes I'll go visit your is craaaaaazy..LOL