Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Recent words of "wisdom" from my niblets...

  • Jenny had put on a dress, a furry princess shawl, fake princess hair and all sorts of stuff and said "I am going on a date" I said "who with" she said "someone" I said "I need to know who you are going with. She said "Brudder"...LOL.

  • Okay Christopher had his dress up dr clothes on and was pretending to deliver babies on his stuffed animals and he told the mommy......"squeeeeeze.........squeeeeeeeeeze.......squeeze" LOL. I have a feeling the talk is looming around the corner....LOL LOL LOL

  • Jenny and Hannah are acting out when Jesus said "Peace Be Still" to the wind and the waves. Hannah was going to play Jesus. Jenny said no you are not Jesus, He is up dere in the middle" LOL.......so cute.

  • Christopher told the girls the whole Easter story, death to resurrection all by himself to his sisters and Hannah piped in and said Yeah Mary went to check on Jesus and the angel said He isn't here (like the angel said it in a DUH voice) and Jenny clapped her hands and said YAY!...Easter from children's perspective...PRICELESS.

  • A commercial came on that said not spending money doesn't make you happy, saving money makes you happy. Christopher said "uh uh, that's not right. God makes you happy"! That's my boy!