Thursday, October 22, 2009


I belong to a message board created by moms for moms. It shocks me to no end the way these women tear each other apart over the simplest things. If one mom believes in spanking she is horrid. If she doesn't she is horrid. Every thing you do or say is called into question. God forbid if you believe in Jesus and say so. I have thus far been able to be a witness and keep objective and not play into the drama. Yet the way some people seemingly parent their children is shocking as well. If I teach my child faith and about the Lord then some criticize but they think they should be able to curse, drink, smoke marijuana etc in front of their children. It astounds me some of the views of parenting out there. If it feels good do it. Don't ever tell a child no. If your child is crying in a store remove them immediately and don't correct them and try to teach them to behave in a store. If you do remove them, some think you are horrid.

Parenting is hard work. You would think these women could support one another in this journey called motherhood. I answer some posts, but really, seriously I don't have a lot to add. The only reason I stay is because some have pm'd me and said that I am a positive voice. Not patting my own back, but sometimes it is hard not to react to some of their audacity. I try to say whatever I reply to, in a loving, kind manner. But really why can't we have compassion for each other in this journey called motherhood.

Our kids learn from us. If we are doing some of the things these women say they do, what are their kids learning? There are some really nice people there as well. It is astounding to watch though.

I pray I can be a positive voice in a crazy world whether it is an online message board or a real life community.