Saturday, May 17, 2008

School is almost out....

The summer stretches before us and I am excited. We can sleep in later and have pajama days and so much more. Even with the price of fuel like it is; I have many plans for the summer. Vacation Bible School for my older kids and they have a nursery for the baby and classes for the parents. I am excited about the classes. It is basically parenting seminars.

I also plan to have themes for each day or week to do with my kids. For example one day we will have a zoo day and since we may not be able to go to the zoo ourselves we will make our own zoo with stuffed animals etc. My inlaws are also moving here and will have a huge back yard for my kids to play in. I have lots of plans, now let's hope I stick to them.

This coming week is the last full week of school. I hope I can stay consistent and take pictures of our activities and blog about some of them. I want to make this a summer to remember even with not being able to go on vacation.


Shawna said...

Thanks for the VBS reminder. I always put my boys in VBS at my church during summer and attend our Christmas service there, otherwise they go to catechism and Easter service at their church. Mine= Methodist, theirs=Catholic.

Any wow, your school lets out early... ours goes until mid June.

Thelma said...

yeah but we go back to school August 8th!......well half a day then a full time August 11th!.......yeah..........woohoo..LOL