Saturday, June 3, 2017

Day 26 My Three favorite blogs

  1. First and foremost, my most favorite blog is over at the  Simply Moms Blog.  I have known Jennifer since my middle daughter was 7 months old. Back then we had a message board she ran and I chatted in every day.  I met so many people through there and learned so much. With the birth of Facebook, as it grew, message boards went into the background. She still has a blog and I love to follow it.
  2. I have followed Smiles and Trials for a while but haven't commented in a while.  They have chosen to open their home and hearts to children who needed a forever family. Kids who have faced many challenges and you can see the love through the posts.  
  3. I also follow my long time friend from back in college days over at Sweet Tea With Lemon, Just another mom, like me, doing her best to raise faith-filled children the best way she knows how with the help of the Lord she loves so much.
The original topic was supposed to be about my FIVE favorite blogs, but some of the people I used to follow haven't blogged in years.  I know how that keeps you busy.