Sunday, October 30, 2016

Messy house.........plan of attack............Let's do this

Okay, so I am being real transparent. My house is currently an utter disaster. I have been sick for weeks. My kids have not kept up with their chores and neither have I for that matter. I am to the point I need to declare some areas a federal disaster area. I am feeling quite ashamed of the way my house looks. Yes, I have been sick, but that does not excuse the way my house looks. I am the one responsible for keeping our home that safe, pleasant place to be. I admit it. I have failed in this. I told my kids and husband last night that I am determined to change some things around here.  I have never been the best of housekeepers, but it has been worse as of late.  I wasn't going to post this, but I need accountability. I procrastinate and I stall and yeah, not good. I have just a few short years before my kids are  on their own. I do not want them to go into the world not being used to keeping their room/house clean. Now, that being said...........I have a plan of attack..............this house will get clean.


So, I have printed my chore charts. I have printed my checklists and I have a plan. I am determined to be that Proverbs 31 woman. Her house would not look like this.  I am going to start Monday, one room at a time 1 hour at a  time as soon as I get home from work. First, I will tackle our room. I will work for 45 minutes and then take a 15-minute break. Prayerfully by that time, the room will be done. Next, I will tackle the kitchen/dining room. Well, sort of kitchen. Our kitchen is out of commission right now and we have to wash dishes in the bathroom...yeah..that doesn't help the house situation. 
As I tackle my planned chores I will have the kids working on their homework and rooms. I will also be doing laundry. Start a load at the beginning of a task and so on.  

Be it known to all I will NOT be posting before pictures, but I will post after pictures here on this blog. I am determined not to be messy. My husband is more of a neat freak and I am the messy one. I have determined with all my heart, soul and spirit to become a neat person and not a messy.  I CAN and WILL do this. So...stay tuned...I will soon be a reformed messy person.  I know I can do this.I know I can.


Jennifer said...

I am seeing this late but you had a great plan and I hope it went the way you wished it to.