Monday, August 11, 2014

School day number 3

Homework time. We are changing the way we do homework this year in hopes we can stay focused. All homework will be done at the dining room table, no talking allowed.  They can take some wiggle breaks but homework starts at 4 pm and they keep working until it is done. That way they get a snack and some free time before homework for fun. The sooner they finish homework, they sooner they can get to outside play or play time with neighborhood friends,


Anonymous said...

Sometimes that is how we homeschool as well. I will pray that year is better homework wise I know you had some issues last year you all were working through.

I have a new blog as I closed down SM and left FB. (Long story) Part of the issue is it was eating up my time.

Come on over and read about us too :)

-J. G. aka Mama Bear :)