Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Let It Snow-----Father knows best

While part of the country sits under huge amounts of snow and are pleading with the Lord, make it stop.....
my children and myself are praying for snow.  We would like just enough snow to play in....to build a good snowman, go sledding, take pictures of snow fights, giggles in the snow and those snow angels.

 I have been thinking about how each of us prays for different things.  God decides on how to answer each request not based on who He "likes best", but what is best for each one that ask.  God the Father doesn't have favorites. We are all HIS FAVORITES.  We are His children. His workmanship, His beloved. He calls us precious. He calls us fearfully and wonderfully made. He saves each of our tears and counts them dear. He knows how much hair is on each of our heads and He cares about each of us to the minute detail. So....when He answers prayer...He isn't just haphazardly handing out yes or no or wait or maybe. He answers with a purpose and His ways are beyond anything we can imagine. His ways are better than our own.

So...whether we get snow tomorrow or not.......we will live in joy and walk through our day knowing that Father knows best in all things.

And we will dance with JOY.