Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas joys and "magic"

Oh what joy is to be found, as we gather the children round, for cuddles and stories and family time.  The niblets are growing up so fast, but Christmas is a time, it is okay to be a child. It is okay to believe in surprises and magic and wonder.  Excitement and expectation fills the air.

And wasn't it just the same so very long ago, that night in the stable.  Mary knew what the angel had told her. She pondered those things in her heart and was overwhelmed by what the angel revealed to her about her unborn son.  Expectation filled that stable, joy and wonder and magic in a manner of speaking. Because, birth is magical, the way a baby grows within the mother's womb, from one little tiny microscopic part to a child fully formed and beautiful to behold. It is magical. It is wondrous.

We are all fearfully and wonderfully made, knit together by God's hands in our mother's womb. How much more miraculous, the Christ child being formed within the virgin's womb?  He moved, He kicked and caused His mother the pains and aches of any expectant mother. His mother bore him with blood, sweat and tears...she bore that would one day save us from our sins.  When He gave forth His first cry....angels sang the story.  How much more magical and awesome can it be?

So Christmas to me, still holds the wonder of that night. I see it in the eyes of my children as they sing Away in a Manger.

I heard it in the voice of my Jenny as she said Jesus was the real reason for Christmas and how much she loves Jesus.

I see it in the kindness of my Christopher,  helping me do household chores as we prepare for the challenges ahead of my surgery coming up.

I feel it in the arms of my Hannah as she says Mommy you are my best Christmas present when she hugs me tight. not always the thing people whisper about as being bad and mysterious, but it is in the way love gave birth to freedom and brought us hope.  Love, magic, wonder, awe...that is Christmas.  Because without the love, wonder, awe and magic brought to us in a stable from the birth of one little infant boy...there would be no freedom and hope in our world.  How God did it.....still awes me.

So Merry Christmas from my house to yours and remember HE is the love and magic and hope of Christmas.