Thursday, September 8, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes

Comes great wisdom and great faith.  Last night we were driving to church.  Jenny said "Mommy I have a story to tell you and it is a true story.  It is not fiction (she just learned that word). 

Here is her story:

It is a short story but it is a good one.

Me and Jesus...we is best fwiends. Jesus...He plays with me and sleeps with me and hugs me and I hug Him. He wubs evewybody and He is evevybody's fwiend. He is kindness and He is sweetness. The end. 
And that my friends is the reward of a in her child, love and hope and the joy of life shining out for the world to see.  I stand in awe of a Savior who has put such love for  Him into the hearts and minds of my children.

Great is HIS faithfulness unto me.