Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life....has a way of changing your plans

Especially for keeping up in blog land.  I am trying though.

Jenny fell down the stairs on Friday night.  She hit her head and her left shoulder and arm.  She was acting dazed and would not move her arm at all.  We had our first visit to the ER in Chattanooga.  We had not been to an ER since well I think...November 2009!  Good thing is...prayer works.  Her arm is not broken..just a severely bruised shoulder..into the muscle.  And NO concussion...Praise the LORD!

I am have not done as well with getting PreK done every day as I would like.  She has been tired due to many things and so have I.  We will get the hang of this.

She has learned a lot already.  I just need to learn to work my schedule and not let my schedule work me.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed and feel like I am doing her a disservice.  However, deep down I know that isn't true.  She is learning stuff and I don't need or have to compare her to other children and what they can do.  But that competitive mommy wants to rise up and get her ahead of where she is right now.  But she is right where she needs to be.  She is bright and happy and knows so much.  Now if only Mommy can settle down and just let fun and learning happen.  She has no idea that I have been stressed out about what she can and can't do yet...LOL.  Thankfully, I haven't passed that on to her.  But I need to chill out before it does. 

God will bless what I am doing.  I just have to get competitive, want to do it all perfect Mommy out of the way.  I can't do everything perfect.  I am just me.  She can learn from just me and do great, when I relax.

So this week I am going to tweak the schedule a bit and figure out a better way to do things.  My prayer is that God will help me focus on what is important and let go of the things that are just mere fluff in comparison.


Burkulater said...

Well that's some scary business! I'm so glad she's okay!

Thelma said...

Thanks.....I think it scared me half out of my wits...I so believe in guardian angels. If you could see our basement stairs you would is a miracle she wasn't really hurt!