Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today is Moving Day and cleaning out the stuff.

Packing up the truck and heading out to the new city today.  Our family will be together again instead of trying to keep up two households.  Mike has been in the other city for 8 weeks now...I think and most of it spent there.  He came home some but being apart has been hard.  He wasn't able to be with me when we lost Miya.  He couldn't be here for the last week of school.  So much he had to miss out on, but it was only temporary. 

Doing so much by myself with the kids this last few weeks had made me so much more aware of what single Moms go through.  At least I knew at the end of it all, we would be together again. So grateful to God that I do not have to walk life's highway without a live person to walk with me.

We are going to a rental house.  Has a yard with a fence all the way around and an office/playroom and many other benefits over an apartment.  We can get out in the backyard and play with our children and chase fireflies and all those things I grew up doing. 

I feel sad at the same time too.  We have many friends here and family.  While it is only 2 hours East of here it is still not going to be the same.  We have had a good almost 3 years here.  Life is an as we walk through this next door; I wonder what God has in store. 

Hopefully after we get moved in and the computer up and running and we are somewhat settled; I can blog again. 

Speaking of moving day and all that goes with it.  Cleaning and packing makes me realize how much God wants to clean out of our lives and for us to get rid of the junk.  When you pack a house, inevitably you discard stuff, junk that has accumulated that you really don't need.  Stuff you were hanging onto for whatever reason that no longer makes sense.  God wants to do that in our hearts too.  We accumulate "stuff".  We hand onto hurts, regrets, pains that we need to let go of.  When if we'd let it go and let God clean it out; our lives would function much better.  So God......I give you permission to clean out and get rid of any junk that has no place in my heart.

Create in me, Oh Lord a heart that doesn't hold onto junk.  A heart open to you and the changes YOU have planned.  A heart of love an  ministry.  Let this adventure of moving be a new lease on my soul as well.  Let me be ready and willing to do whatever you are calling us to do through this adventure.