Saturday, September 22, 2018

Life as I know it

It's been almost a year...will be a year in 4 days, since I last wrote here on my blog. I want to get started back up and keep at it...intentions are there but I always forget.

Here I am a year later and I have lost 35 plus pounds doing Trim Healthy Mama (no infringement of copyright is intended).  I was probably 165 pounds, maybe more.  I now am 127.5 lbs. I have fallen off the wagon, so to speak as of late and am trying to get back to the right kind of eating before the weight catches up with me again.

Since last year, I have also gone back to work full a PreK 5 teacher. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  The kids are full of energy and joy and some mischievousness for sure. I love my "bosses"...I put that in quotes because they are more like family than bosses.  I love my coworkers. This was a God-designed job and I am walking in my calling.  I am happy and fulfilled.

That being said, I am still working on balancing work and household chores.  Not an easy task for me, since I am not the most organized person, but I am trying.  So that's the latest in a nutshell.

Hopefully, I can get this blog started back up. I am also considering doing a Vlog but don't even know how or where to start.  Time will tell, and that is life as I  know it...for now.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Favorite Comfort Food

It's a meal. My Mama always cooked us the same thing on our birthday (my twin and I) because it was what I wanted.  Fried chicken, black-eyed peas, and southern fried cornbread. I love the crunch of the chicken on the outside and the juiciness on the inside. I rarely eat this now because well, I am almost 50 and that meal takes one look at me and heads directly to the fattest parts of me, gets comfortable and invites all the fat cell friends to join it.

I remember the smell of it cooking and how that meal at our family table was always special.  I can make this myself now, BUT...that being Mama's is the best and always will be.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Day 29: Top 10 things on my bucket list.

  1.  To go on a missions trip.   CHECK
  2. See an erupting volcano.    CHECK
  3. See the Grand Canyon
  4. Go on a totally RV vacation through several states.
  5. See Niagra Falls
  6. Go on a family missions trip and have our family do this for a summer vacation.
  7. Go to Israel and visit the empty tomb and the places Jesus walked.
  8. Go on a cruise.
  9. Go to Europe/Paris/Italy/Switzerland etc.
  10. Go on an African Safari and pray the natives are not too restless at night. LOL

I did get to do the first two when I went on my missions trip to Guatemala. I would love to go back and take my family on a family missions trip there. 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Day 28: Last time I cried

The last time I cried it was the ugly cry.
The last time I cried it was gut, wrenching, stomach hurting sobbing because I watched the film

Image result for To Joey with love
To Joey, with Love was a beautiful film filled with love, faith, sorrow and enduring faith even when this beautiful lady took her last breath. It is a documentary type film but so real and so poignant that I really do not have words to describe it. If you can, watch this film, BUT have a box of tissues handy. YOU will need them.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

delayed Day 27...what makes me feel better...always

First, and foremost I have offline as far as Google is concerned for two to three weeks. There was a snafu with my log in and then getting them to understand I am actually me was a complete hassle. In any case, I am back.

What makes me feel better always?  My children's hugs, their laughter, the sparkle in their eyes.
What makes me feel better always?  The love of my husband and his deep brown eyes.
What makes me feel better always?  The sound of prayers lifted to heaven above.
What makes me feel better always?  The sound of praise lifter up in love.
What makes me feel better always?  Reading the promises of God my Savior in His Word.

These are just a few of the thing that make me feel better...ALWAYS.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Day 26 My Three favorite blogs

  1. First and foremost, my most favorite blog is over at the  Simply Moms Blog.  I have known Jennifer since my middle daughter was 7 months old. Back then we had a message board she ran and I chatted in every day.  I met so many people through there and learned so much. With the birth of Facebook, as it grew, message boards went into the background. She still has a blog and I love to follow it.
  2. I have followed Smiles and Trials for a while but haven't commented in a while.  They have chosen to open their home and hearts to children who needed a forever family. Kids who have faced many challenges and you can see the love through the posts.  
  3. I also follow my long time friend from back in college days over at Sweet Tea With Lemon, Just another mom, like me, doing her best to raise faith-filled children the best way she knows how with the help of the Lord she loves so much.
The original topic was supposed to be about my FIVE favorite blogs, but some of the people I used to follow haven't blogged in years.  I know how that keeps you busy.  

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Day 25: My Best Physical Features

Okay, so this topic makes me uncomfortable. I don't like talking about myself and tend to see my flaws more than my best. I will give it the old college try.

My best feature I think is my blue eyes. They are an uncommon blue. People have commented often on my eyes. I even had someone once ask me "Are those your real eyes". No, why I just swap them out every day according to my mood. LOL LOL LOL. My eye color comes from my great grandfather and a "side effect" of a genetic syndrome that we were diagnosed with when my youngest was 4. It is called Noonan's syndrome and among its features is light colored eyes. We really don't have bad effects from the syndrome. I thank the Lord for the genetics that gave me my blue eyes.

Okay, so hmm, another physical feature that is a good..........hard to say.  Hmmm, thinking. I will say my small hands. I have small hands and this can be quite a benefit at times. I can reach into small crevices to retrieve things.

I kind of think being short has been a positive thing.  It has its drawbacks but on a whole being short has worked out just fine for me.

Finally, I guess I would say that my family tends to "age" well. We look younger than we are in reality.  At almost 50, I love the shocked looks when people find out my age. It's hilarious. I have even had people ask me "Are you sure"?  Yeah, pretty sure I am almost 50. I also loved it when I was pregnant with my kids. My first pregnancy was at age 32 and people thought I was a teenager. I had some interesting looks and encounters with people who thought I was a teenage pregnant girl. I can't tell you the times someone asked me "where are your parents"?  LOL, My answer "I AM the parent". LOL